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5 Fashion Trends for Spring 2018

April Onebane

I'm not usually one to follow runway trends, but truthfully, I've learned through running this business for over two years now, that trends are trends for a reason. So, I admittedly follow along with what's happening on the runways during fashion week a little bit more closely than I used to. Here are the 5 fashion trends for Spring 2018 that I'm super into this season.


Who doesn't love stripes?! This season in particular I'm seeing a lot of bold, statement stripes for blazers, button downs, dresses and pants. I also love how I've seen a lot of different types of stripes paired together in one look. A full striped suit screams confidence in my book! This is a trend I'm always here for.


I'm very happy to see that plaid has carried over from Winter to Spring, and in all forms -- tartan, gingham, bold checks. I'm not ready to put away my plaid blazers and pants just yet and we've got a couple of months left with cooler temperatures to keep this trend going strong!


I am a neutrals gal through and through but I always do my best to feature at least a little bit of color in my personal wardrobe and on the PVTG racks, so I'm on board with this trend. I've been seeing a lot of red and yellow lately, so expect those colors to be well represented in my Spring and Summer collections.


Yes! I am a huge fan of trench coats and this year they are getting an "updated" look with a bit of a modern spin on the classic style -- Big collars, added lace, ruffled sleeves. But as I always say, fashion repeats itself and what's old, usually becomes new again, so I've got you covered on this trend as well.


I've been on the sheer train for years and this trend was everywhere on the runways. I love the look of a sheer maxi dress with a lace bra and boy shorts underneath. Or a structured see through button down thrown on over your favorite bra styled with some dark denim or plaid pants. Sexy and chic!

Let me know what some of your favorite trends are in the comments below. I'd love your feedback on what you're into at the moment!

Shop Life Lately

April Onebane

Photo by Diana Ascarrunz

Happy 2018, babes! With the new year, comes new endeavors for Pieceology Vintage! I started this business in mid-December of 2015 and was still working in marketing full time for the entirety 2016. Then, at the beginning of 2017 I took a leap, and left my job! Since I had a lot more time to focus much of my energy on the shop last year, I decided to make it all about experimentation! After a lot of hard work I think I've finally come up with a system I'm confident you'll love and that will help me work smarter, not harder, in 2018! Here's a run down of some new things you can expect from Pieceology Vintage this year!

Revival Vintage residency

If you follow my shop on Instagram you may have seen my post yesterday about this! This year I will have a large selection of my inventory available IRL during a long term residency at Revival Vintage here in Austin, TX! Revival Vintage, located on North Loop, has been a brick & mortar shop in Austin for five years. They are in the process of moving from their current location into a larger building right next door where there will be clothing and furniture vendors, including PVTG! The new shop is set to open on January 13th! But, not all of our inventory will be available at Revival, which brings me to my next announcement...

Selling directly on Instagram

I've been toying around with selling directly on Instagram for the past year. This is an option I've already been giving IG followers for several months, but you could also purchase from my web site if your wanted to. I found that this method was a bit confusing for shoppers, so to make things easier on you, I've decided to simplify! Despite the ever-changing and sole-crushing Instagram algorithm, I'm going to try my hand at solely selling on Instagram this year. The instructions on how to purchase will always be listed in Pieceology Vintage's Instagram bio! My site will still be here, but if you go click the SHOP button on my home page it'll direct you to my Etsy.

Etsy Shop

I've had an Etsy shop since 2016, but I wasn't active on it until mid 2017. I've found a good bit of success there and now that I won't be double uploading listings to my site and Etsy, I'll have much more time to spend on learning how to optimize it! Listings that don't sell on Instagram will be added to my Etsy every couple weeks moving forward, so if you want to purchase something before it goes into the ether that is Etsy, I'd suggest snatching it up on IG first!

Getting Personal

Lastly, I'll be getting a little more personal here on the blog and on social media this year. I worked with an assistant last year, the lovely Sanetra, but now that I am back on my own, I'll be talking to all of you in that way, by using "I" instead of "we". When I first started the shop I felt weird about saying "I" since it's Pieceology Vintage, and not me, April, but since it really is just me around here these days, I think it makes much more sense to speak in that way! Also, expect to see my face a lot more on IG stories (exciting, I know!) where I'll be sharing lots more behind the scenes stuff and exclusive first looks of new inventory moving forward!

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this little shop life update. I'll try to do more posts like it this year! Stay tuned over on Instagram for more shop announcements and if you haven't done so already, go have a look at the Etsy shop. Wishing you all love and growth throughout 2018! Talk soon!

A Gift Guide For The Vintage Lover in Your Life

April Onebane

We know there are a ton of gift guides floating around on the internet right now and we're totally loving them, so we thought we'd put together a unique guide for the vintage lover in your life!


You know that friend who loves going out to thrift shops or local vintage markets every. single. weekend? Well this gift is for them! A market bag is the perfect accessory while out on the hunt for special goodies. Our favorites are the Frida Kahlo market bags (we have two!) but we've also linked to Etsy for a wide array of all kinds of market bags for you to choose from.


Another perfect gift for a seasoned vintage hunter! We could spend HOURS at thrift stores, markets and garage/estate sales so we want to make sure we've got our comfy kicks on to get us through all of the walking that's involved. Our current favorite sneakers are by French-based, fair trade brand, Veja, who offer tons of super comfy and stylish options.


Maybe the easiest (but still thoughtful) gifts out there. We love cozy scarves and feel that you can never go wrong when gifting them. Make it extra special and opt for a vintage scarf. There is a giant selection on Etsy that we've linked to help in your search for the perfect one!


Yep. Fanny packs are back! We've seen so many vintage lovers scouring thrift shops for them lately. We carry one with our phone, cash, and POS (point of sale) at all of our pop ups. So useful! They're also great for keeping track of essentials without restricting movement.


A vintage suitcase is a great gift for the vintage lover who enjoys traveling. Not only that, but you could also use it as a “gift box” to stuff even more vintage goodies inside. Add a bow on top and voila, you've got a festive and thoughtful gift!


Lastly, if there is something from Pieceology Vintage that you love or think someone else would love, consider getting it this holiday season. As a special gift to you for coming over and reading this post, we're offering 20% off any purchase from December 7th-18th with guaranteed delivery by Christmas (domestic shipping only)! Use code BLOGGIFT20 at checkout.

Happy shopping and happy holidays, babes! We've been so grateful for your support this year. See you in 2018!

5 Essential Pieces For Your Winter Wardrobe

April Onebane

Winter is coming! Seriously, can you believe it's almost here?! In the spirit of the season, we've compiled a list of the 5 essential pieces from our Fall/Winter lookbook "Cozy Creek" that you'll want to snag for your winter wardrobe this year. 


You can't really go wrong with a soft suede camel jacket. Not only will it keep you warm, it'll probably go with just about everything in your winter wardrobe. There are so many styling options with a suede jacket. Pair it with your favorite cozy cream sweater and jeans, or dress it up with a holiday party dress and tights.

Shop our suede jacket HERE.


Talk about keeping you warm! Anything faux fur will do just that and also make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We love the dramatic, statement a faux fur piece makes. Throw a faux fur lined coat over your outfit to elevate it to that next level.

Shop our faux fur coat HERE.


We can't get enough of ponchos this season! Especially in bold colors. This is an easy go-to when you're not feeling your winter coat and you want to top off your look with something special. A poncho can be unexpected, in the best way. Get ready for lots of compliments, too. Also, it's the perfect accessory for a weekend camping trip!

Shop our poncho HERE.


Dare we say to wear linen pants in winter?! Yep. We are loving linen right now, even in these colder temperatures. A nice warm color like burgundy, mustard or forest green will pair perfectly with a cozy sweater, suede booties and your fave denim jacket. In winter, opt for a thicker linen that is lined, if possible, to keep you warm while you're out and about.

Shop our linen pants HERE.


We love skirts but they can be a bit trick during the winter time. The key is to go with a heavier fabric than your typical cotton skirt you would wear in summer. We love a thick wool skirt with a cute turtleneck, a pair of tights and heeled boots!

Shop our wool skirt HERE.


April Onebane


We love vintage denim and sometimes we like to make our favorite pairs even more fun by giving them a little extra character. Here is a DIY we put together to help you give your thrifted and/or vintage jeans that distressed look you see in all those pricey retail stores, for a lot less!


What you'll need:

- thrifted/vintage jeans (non-stretch denim is best)
- a rock (or cheese grater)
- fabric scissors (regular ones will also do)
- seam ripper (or tweezers)


Step 1: Try on your jeans to see where you'll want the holes to go.


Step 2: Cut two parallel lines wherever you want your holes. The fabric in between the cuts is where you will do your thread ripping.


Step 3: Now it's time for your seam ripper! Do this part with the backside of the ripper, not the front, sharp edge of it. Start pulling from the inside upward to get the white threads separated from the blue threads. This will unweave the blue threads from the white.


Step 4: Once you get it loose enough start ripping the blue threads out by hand (or with tweezers).


Repeat Steps 3 & 4 until all of the blue threads have been removed.


Step 5: Cut off the excess blue threads.


Step 6: Use your cheese grater (or rock) to grate around the cotton which will rough up your newly ripped holes.


Step 7: Throw them in the wash to get that extra frayed look. And of course, the more you wear them, the more worn in they'll become!

That’s all! Not a lot to it, right? The process of getting all the threads unraveled is probably the most time consuming part but this pair only took around 30 minutes from start to finish. Happy distressing!

Best Things To Do in Marfa

April Onebane

We recently took a trip out to the tiny West Texas town of Marfa. While our time there was mostly for leisure, we did manage to fit in a photoshoot and do some vintage hunting for the shop, of course!

Marfa is one of our favorite places to visit, and we recommend it to almost everyone we meet. Here are some of the best things to do, eat and see while visiting this quirky little town!




This is a must! El Cosmico is the glitziest trailer park you've ever seen! Brought to you by Bunkhouse Group, the creators of several well known and well designed hotels, including Austin's Hotel San Jose and the newly renovated Austin Motel, among many others. You can choose to sleep in either a teepee, yurt or retro-style refurbished airstream trailer during your stay. Don't forget to stop by the gift shop in the main lobby where you're sure to find the perfect souvenir! We guarantee you'll have a serene and relaxing time at this West Texas haven.


This is the newest hotel edition to Marfa. The George, as it's called, has a pool with a full service bar ($10 entry for non-guests), a cocktail lounge with a great happy hour from 4p-6p everyday, and a fine dining restaurant, LaVenture. Marfa's local businesses can be pretty finicky with their hours, and most places are usually only open Thursday-Sunday, but The George runs more "traditional" hours so you can stop in almost any time and find something to keep you entertained.


The historic Paisano is a staple in Marfa and really captures the true spirit of West Texas with its rustic decor. You'll find a beautiful courtyard where you can enjoy a margarita from the bar, a large gift shop with plenty to peruse through, and Jett's Grill restaurant which is a favorite of ours for a nice dinner.



This hidden spot surprisingly has a very wide variety of different coffees and teas + a large selection of delicious toasts, sweet or savory (with the bread made in town!), to choose from. A perfect breakfast spot or mid-morning snack break. 



The newest restaurant in town is one of the most charming already. Al Campo is a concept brought to Marfa all the way from California and the staff + owner are about as sweet as can be. Part wine bar, part lunch/dinner spot, Al Campo is serving up some truly unique and flavorful wines and dishes. If you're in town on a Sunday, check to see if they're serving brunch!


Quite possibly the most famous eatery in Marfa is the food truck, ironically called Food Shark. The truck serves up some seriously delicious Mediterranean dishes. One of our favorites - for it's name and the taste - is the "Marfalafel".   


This spot, in our opinion, can very loosely be compared to the world-renowned Pujol of Mexico City, which makes it an absolute must. Although the price point is a bit higher than most Marfa restaurants, Capri is worth every penny! The gorgeous decor throughout, the beautiful gardens where you can relax by a lit bonfire, the impeccably well presented and delicious menu - everything is top notch! Stop by for drinks at the bar one night and dinner another, which features a brand new menu every night.



It could be argued that Prada Marfa is what put Marfa on the map. This art installation, which is actually in Valentine, about 30 minutes outside of town, is definitely something to be seen. With no direct relation to the Prada fashion house, making it all the more bizarre, the installation is a tiny Prada store with windows where you can see a small sample of Prada's 2005 fall/winter collection inside, provided by Miuccia Prada herself. We'll save all of the other quirky little details for you to discover!


Our personal favorite art attraction in Marfa is the Chianti Foundation, founded by the artist Donald Judd in the late 1980s. We highly suggest the half day tour of the grounds, but if you have the time, the full day tour is pretty amazing and worth the hours spent.


The contemporary museum in Marfa has a rotating selection of art by artists from all over the world. It's not usually very crowded, making it a great place to relax and take in some interesting art on a sleepy afternoon. Plus, it's free to enter!



Of course, we had to mention a thrift shop! The Marfa thrift store is definitely a hit or miss but you're sure to at least get a kick out of all the oddities you'll find there. If you're a thrifter, it's a must!



The cutest grocery store in town. If you find yourself in Marfa on a Monday or Tuesday with nothing to eat or drink because everything is closed, The Get Go is your saving grace with plenty of options for you to choose from to be able to cook up your own meal. Don't forget to snag one of their signature totes - A percentage of the proceeds go to a charity of your choice.


This bookstore is located in Hotel Saint George and features an impressive selections of books with topics stretching from the history of West Texas landscapes to coffee table books filled with pages of works by many different well known, and not so well known, artists.

How I Became a Vintage Seller

April Onebane

Well hello there! We decided it was probably about time to get this whole blog thing started so, welcome to our very first blog post!

I'm April, owner of Pieceology Vintage. I wanted this first post to be an introduction about how I became a vintage seller and started my shop. But first, let me give you the lowdown of what you will be able to find here at the Pieceology Vintage blog.

My hope is that this blog will be a source of inspiration for you. We will feature DIYs, styled shoots, lookbook previews, Pinterest faves, and talk about sustainable fashion and how you can get the most out of your favorite vintage pieces + much, much more!

Photos by Diana Ascarrunz

Photos by Diana Ascarrunz

OK, now back to the subject of this post! So, how did I become a vintage seller? Well, it’s a pretty serendipitous story actually.

I used to have a fashion blog and I wanted to expand my knowledge of social media in an effort to grow it. I ended up stumbling upon a social media workshop being hosted by one of my favorite boss lady's, Justina Blakeney, which just so happened to be taking place in Italy during the same time I was traveling there back in the summer of 2015. I couldn't pass up the chance to go to it! The timing was way too perfect. 

While at the workshop I met a fellow attendee who had recently started a vintage wholesale business marketing to sellers in the U.S. I'd always wanted to open my own clothing shop and I'd always loved vintage, but never knew where to start, until then. Attending that workshop and meeting my new friend created the opportunity for me to become a vintage seller and start Pieceology Vintage.


Since then, I've learned a heck of a lot about this industry and have loved every second of it!

Stay tuned for more from our blog. We are so excited to have this outlet to share all the things with you!

P.S. Thanks to my friend Diana Ascarrunz for these gorgeous film photos of me!