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Best Things To Do in Marfa

April Onebane

We recently took a trip out to the tiny West Texas town of Marfa. While our time there was mostly for leisure, we did manage to fit in a photoshoot and do some vintage hunting for the shop, of course!

Marfa is one of our favorite places to visit, and we recommend it to almost everyone we meet. Here are some of the best things to do, eat and see while visiting this quirky little town!




This is a must! El Cosmico is the glitziest trailer park you've ever seen! Brought to you by Bunkhouse Group, the creators of several well known and well designed hotels, including Austin's Hotel San Jose and the newly renovated Austin Motel, among many others. You can choose to sleep in either a teepee, yurt or retro-style refurbished airstream trailer during your stay. Don't forget to stop by the gift shop in the main lobby where you're sure to find the perfect souvenir! We guarantee you'll have a serene and relaxing time at this West Texas haven.


This is the newest hotel edition to Marfa. The George, as it's called, has a pool with a full service bar ($10 entry for non-guests), a cocktail lounge with a great happy hour from 4p-6p everyday, and a fine dining restaurant, LaVenture. Marfa's local businesses can be pretty finicky with their hours, and most places are usually only open Thursday-Sunday, but The George runs more "traditional" hours so you can stop in almost any time and find something to keep you entertained.


The historic Paisano is a staple in Marfa and really captures the true spirit of West Texas with its rustic decor. You'll find a beautiful courtyard where you can enjoy a margarita from the bar, a large gift shop with plenty to peruse through, and Jett's Grill restaurant which is a favorite of ours for a nice dinner.



This hidden spot surprisingly has a very wide variety of different coffees and teas + a large selection of delicious toasts, sweet or savory (with the bread made in town!), to choose from. A perfect breakfast spot or mid-morning snack break. 



The newest restaurant in town is one of the most charming already. Al Campo is a concept brought to Marfa all the way from California and the staff + owner are about as sweet as can be. Part wine bar, part lunch/dinner spot, Al Campo is serving up some truly unique and flavorful wines and dishes. If you're in town on a Sunday, check to see if they're serving brunch!


Quite possibly the most famous eatery in Marfa is the food truck, ironically called Food Shark. The truck serves up some seriously delicious Mediterranean dishes. One of our favorites - for it's name and the taste - is the "Marfalafel".   


This spot, in our opinion, can very loosely be compared to the world-renowned Pujol of Mexico City, which makes it an absolute must. Although the price point is a bit higher than most Marfa restaurants, Capri is worth every penny! The gorgeous decor throughout, the beautiful gardens where you can relax by a lit bonfire, the impeccably well presented and delicious menu - everything is top notch! Stop by for drinks at the bar one night and dinner another, which features a brand new menu every night.



It could be argued that Prada Marfa is what put Marfa on the map. This art installation, which is actually in Valentine, about 30 minutes outside of town, is definitely something to be seen. With no direct relation to the Prada fashion house, making it all the more bizarre, the installation is a tiny Prada store with windows where you can see a small sample of Prada's 2005 fall/winter collection inside, provided by Miuccia Prada herself. We'll save all of the other quirky little details for you to discover!


Our personal favorite art attraction in Marfa is the Chianti Foundation, founded by the artist Donald Judd in the late 1980s. We highly suggest the half day tour of the grounds, but if you have the time, the full day tour is pretty amazing and worth the hours spent.


The contemporary museum in Marfa has a rotating selection of art by artists from all over the world. It's not usually very crowded, making it a great place to relax and take in some interesting art on a sleepy afternoon. Plus, it's free to enter!



Of course, we had to mention a thrift shop! The Marfa thrift store is definitely a hit or miss but you're sure to at least get a kick out of all the oddities you'll find there. If you're a thrifter, it's a must!



The cutest grocery store in town. If you find yourself in Marfa on a Monday or Tuesday with nothing to eat or drink because everything is closed, The Get Go is your saving grace with plenty of options for you to choose from to be able to cook up your own meal. Don't forget to snag one of their signature totes - A percentage of the proceeds go to a charity of your choice.


This bookstore is located in Hotel Saint George and features an impressive selections of books with topics stretching from the history of West Texas landscapes to coffee table books filled with pages of works by many different well known, and not so well known, artists.